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More than 50 years ago we had our first camping experiences.  In 1983, we bought a unique Apache brand caravan tent.  The aluminum frame and fiberglass sides made this RV absolutely waterproof.  For several years it served as a base camp for us and our children.  Entire seasons of camping in our tent trailer without a tent...  
A few years later we made the jump to a 30' Class C motorhome with three extensions and made numerous trips and stays throughout Canada and the USA.  We sold this vehicle a few years ago after deciding to settle on the banks of the river, in the countryside.  We haven't taken the road since 2016 and are taking full advantage of our residence in Chaudière Appalaches.  
In saw the light of day when joining an RV dealership the idea of sharing the knowledge acquired with consumers was born.
The passion for the outdoors and travel still alive and the popularity of ''boondocking'' and digital nomadism convince us to get back on the road while continuing to fuel theRV Guide ,RV Blog AndFree VR Stops.
It is with great pleasure that we have purchased a micro trailer, adapted to our small car and that we are going to experience first-hand digital nomadism androad trippingin 2024.  
See you soon!

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